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27 March 2015 Amplified Arctic warming by phytoplankton under greenhouse warming-more phytoplankton-more darkness.

Sept 2014 Sunlight, key to permafrost CO2 emissions in Arctic

Sept 2014 Carbon stored in world's soils more vulnerable to climate change than expected-esp. Boreal Arctic.

.Feb 2013 Nature .Frans-Jan W. Parmentier
...ower sea-ice extent on Arctic GHs Frans-Jan W. Parmentier


Arctic methane sources

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How much carbon as potential methane is there in the Arctic?

The Arctic holds several times atmospheric carbon.

o Arctic wetlands hold a great deal of carbon that is emitted as methane by warming.
o Permafrost holds a currently estimated carbon pool of double atmospheric carbon, mainly as potential methane. When permafrost thaws it adds to the wetlands
o The East Siberian Arctic Shelf holds over 90% of Arctic methane hydrate, which is estimated at double atmospheric carbon.
o The subarctic Boreal forest is the largest forest store of carbon, even more than the Amazon.
Boreal forest fires emit mainly CO2 but some CH4 is also emitted. In forested regions over permafrost the fire thaws surface permafrost and more methane is released.

A 2010 review of the Arctic carbon budget by D. McGuire et al finds that the Arctic contains several times the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Most is potentially methane. The review finds many Arctic changes that will result from global warming will increase the emission of Arctic methane.