U.S. pushes its interest in Arctic's 'gold'

As the sea ice recedes with climate change, huge oil and gas fields are adding vast amounts to global reserves


There is every reason in the world to protect the Arctic in its pristine year frozen state. As Goes the Arctic So Goes Goes the Planet is a US petition that explains why the Arctic in its present state must be protected.


It is now a question of our future survival and the survival of all life. That is because most of planet's carbon is stored cooled and frozen in the Arctic.


The Arctic holds at 3 X atmospheric carbon, frozen and inert till now.  


Arctic amplified global warming is already causing all the sources of Arctic carbon to emit their carbon, mainly as methane. Methane has 72 X the warming of CO2 over a 20 year period, Planetary feedback methane emissions are now driving atmospheric methane up higher. The  highest methane on the planet is 2000 ppb with spikes up to 2500 ppm , at Lac La Bich Alberta on the southern edge of Canada's vast wetlands.


However in the ultimate insanity the melt down of the Arctic sea Arctic is being  welcomed to open up the Arctic  for more fossil fuel energy.


The 2013 Arctic Biodiversity Assessment found that Arctic biodiversity is being degraded but did no recommend any aggressive measures for climate change mitigation.  

The unique Arctic wild life is reason enough to protect the Arctic for for posterity.


The fact now is that if the Arctic is not protected there will be no posterity.


it has long been known that if global warming was allowed to progress  enough to thaw the vast amounts of carbon in the Arctic permafrost,  and even more critically  to melt frozen solid methane gas hydrate in the frozen sea floor sediments- rapid and abrupt global heating would be the result<.


This would be a rate and degree of global heating that humanity in most life could not possibly survive.


Fossil fuel exploitation of the Arctic is opposed by Greenpeace and by the Council of Canadians. Incredibly the World Wildlife Fund says it is absurd but is not opposing it.

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To protect our future survival and the survival of most life

 the Arctic must be protected


Jan 2014 Arctic Climate and Sea Ice Preservation

Stanley P. Rhodes, Ph.D.

President, SCS Global Services